HLab PubMon: Publication monitoring in Huang Lab @ HKU.

This repository aims to keep track of our reading habits on recent publications.

Codes: https://github.com/StatBiomed/HLab-pubmon

Journal list

Topics are mainly about but not limited to computational biology, bioinformatics, systems biology, biostatistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence.

Here are some journals that we often find papers interesting to many of us:


The motivation is that everyone in the lab has a habit of reading, reasoning and sharing, which hopefully will keep us inspired and excited in science.

The guidelines here only aim to help us make better use of the limited time:

  • Please make it within 10 min per person (up to 15min), including discussions.

  • Introduce the background sufficiently, so everyone can understand what the question is.

  • Don’t need to go through the whole paper. Just mention 1 to 3 points that you want to share. It can also be questions that puzzle you.

Ideally, you will find this paper sharing is somewhat like a cake tasting party. So, bring the nice new cake you find and share why you like it, in an effective way.